It’s Possible to Have a Significant Marriage

“God wants to use you to make a difference in the world. He wants to work through you. What matters is not the duration of your life, but the donation of it. Not how long you lived, but how you lived.” –Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life

Did you know God has a unique purpose for you as a couple to make a difference in the world for Him? He wants to use ordinary couples to do extraordinary things.

As a couple, you can choose to live a comfortable life or you can choose to seek a life that offers hope, brings change, heals, encourages, empowers, teaches, comforts, and more. It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is your faithfulness to follow God’s call upon your life and to make the most of the gifts and opportunities He gives you.

ordinary couples to extraordinary

You may think, “We are too broken for God to use us for anything significant!” But this isn’t how God sees you or your relationship. God wants to use all things for good in our lives if we allow Him! That includes our mistakes and our failures.

God Redeems Our Broken Lives

You were created in His image, for a purpose, and that never changes. It may be you, both as an individual and a couple, are in need of healing from whatever is hurting your marriage, but God still has a special purpose for you both. He might actually be creating His purpose in you through your circumstances, and He is just waiting for you to be ready to fulfill that purpose!

Sometimes God creates His purpose for us literally out of the ashes of our lives! When we allow God to redeem our broken lives, our story can give hope to others who are struggling and still in the midst of that brokenness. Psalm 30:11-12 says, “You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with you, that my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O Lord, my God, I will give you thanks forever.” These verses came alive for me during a time when–due to painful circumstances I could not control–my life as I had always known it was gone.

Although we didn’t know each other at the time, my husband, Dave, experienced the same loss and had no idea of the future God had in mind for him. Neither of us imagined how God would redeem our individual lives and use that very devastation to eventually give us purpose as a couple.

When we look at the gifted couples who lead with us in our ministry called The Significant Marriage, we are in awe of the healing and redemption that took place in the lives of two of our couples whose marriages were saved through attending “A New Beginning.” One of those couples is Pamela and Larry; they work with The Significant Marriage in the Santa Barbara area and want you to hear their story because they know God gave them a miracle and to “speak” of it continues to make its power a reality.

New Beginnings Are Possible

After years of marriage, things began to crumble for them. As Larry says, “We knew God had put us together from the start. We did not know what kind of ministry He had planned for us. We anticipated He would utilize our current most predominant talents, but little did we know that His plan was for us to minister out of the most painful part of our yet to be experienced challenges.”

Thirteen years into their marriage, Larry had an affair which led him to leave Pamela, and they were separated for three years. Pamela never felt released from the marriage during this time, even though she knew she had Scriptural grounds to get a divorce, so she waited and prayed. One day right before their divorce would be final, Pamela told Larry she believed God wanted them to give their marriage one last chance to heal. She had just heard about “A New Beginning,” a turn-around weekend seminar for couples in crisis hosted by Family Dynamics Institute. The very next Friday, they sat in a room with 12 other couples in Sacramento, California, and we led them through the seminar.

Throughout the weekend, God changed Larry’s heart toward Pamela and gave him strength to “do the right thing” for his marriage. Larry chose to repent, and Pamela chose to forgive–both of which were difficult. They were ready to move on and see what God could do with them. In their words, “The loss we shared in our time apart was both devastating and a teaching tool of the Holy Spirit. As painful as it was to go through, our marriage is now so much stronger and remains vibrant as a result of having gone through the loss and then watching the Lord build from the ashes of failure a brilliant gem hardened by the fire.”

We remained in close contact with Pamela and Larry, mentoring them as they healed and diligently sought God’s plan for their marriage. With incredible joy we have watched them reclaim God’s purpose for them. As Larry says,

“God miraculously restored our marriage. As a result of this, we developed a passion to share with desperate couples the hope that God truly can restore any marriage no matter how hopeless it appears. There is no question God put us together for His purposes to be fulfilled in and through us. We kept searching for a way to minister together before the ‘fire,’ but nothing seemed to quite fit. I think we were still too selfish as individuals to work well as a team.

The experience of being apart and having lost all we were had a profound effect on both of us. Before the fire, we had thought Pam’s role was to support my public ministry. The experience of the fire taught us we were to minister together. His purpose for us was not that I would shine at her expense or she shine at my expense. The only way we were to shine was to combine our lights. Our collaborative efforts as a working couple have become so much more fruitful for the Lord than either of us ever were alone. We continue to grow together and understand more and more what ‘one flesh’ truly means–collaborative synergy. As Dynamic Marriage facilitators for Family Dynamics Institute, we have conducted many classes and watched as God’s mercy and grace restore and bless marriage after marriage. With The Significant Marriage, we have the opportunity to encourage couples that God wants to use their story to change lives! This truly has become our passion.”

No matter what your story is or what challenges you face right now as a couple, have the courage to do whatever it takes to be free to pursue the passions and vision God lays upon your hearts. He may even want to use your story to encourage others. God has a unique and special purpose for you, and He longs to see that purpose fulfilled through you!

Written By: Mary Gothi


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