Childhood Trauma

No matter what the type of childhood trauma, the negative impact on the victims is deep and lasting. Just as two people may not experience an event in the same way, no two people react to a stressful, traumatic event in the same way. While one person may find the ability to cope with a traumatic event, another may be unable to deal with the trauma by themselves in a productive manner.

Help For Childhood Trauma

Many trauma sufferers choose to deal with their feelings alone, instead of seeking appropriate professional treatment. These people may act out sexually to dull the feelings associated with the trauma and the pain that comes with those feelings. It is common for trauma survivors to also struggle with drug addiction, alcohol addiction and/or other behavioral disorders as they attempt to cope with the original issue.

Physical and Emotional Abuse

Research by Dr. Patrick Carnes and others has shown that childhood trauma and abuse can have significant impact on whether or not person develops a sexual addiction. In one study, 72 percent of addicts reported physical abuse and 97 percent reported emotional abuse. Furthermore, the more sexually and physically abused the respondents were as children, the more addictions they had as adults. Gentle Path at the Meadows has a program that is designed to help patients uncover the roots of their addiction, and resolve underlying emotional trauma that can manifest itself in sexual addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety and other conditions.


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